Dr Ryan Carlini is a local Medical Doctor with additional training in Cosmetic Procedures. All services offered in our clinic are performed solely by Dr Carlini to ensure professional results.

Dr Carlini is a member in good standing with the Canada Medical Association, Ontario Medical Association, College of Physician and Surgeons of Ontario, Essex County Medical Society, College of Family Physicians of Canada, and International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine. In addition to running his practice and cosmetic clinic, Dr Carlini also teaches regularly at Schulich School of Medicine (Windsor) and is a recognized Adjunct Professor with the University of Western Ontario/Schulich School of Medicine.

Before Your Appointment

Please note the following prior to your botox/filler appointment:

During your first appointment, you will be given information about Botox and Fillers. Dr Carlini will ask you about your personal goals and interests, and then make some suggestions based on his expertise. Many patients choose to have treatment performed on the day of their consultation, but there is absolutely no obligation to do so!

Botox cannot be administered to any patient who is pregnant, has a muscular disorder or is taking tetracycline or any aminoglycoside antibiotic. Please check with your physician or pharmacist if you are unsure whether you are on any of these medications.

Injectable fillers cannot be administered to any patient who is pregnant or breast-feeding, has a past history of autoimmune disease, receiving immunotherapy, has a known hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid, is undergoing laser therapy/chemical peeling or dermabrasion, has a tendency to develop hypertrophic scarring, or in areas with inflammation and/or infections (ie. acne),

If you plan to have botox/injections performed on the day of your consult, please refrain from using alcohol, aspirin or any anti-inflammatories for 2 days prior. On the day of your consultation, wash your face thoroughly with antibacterial soap and do not apply foundation or other makeup to the area which is being treated.

Most patients who have had a Botox treatment do not have any immediate visible side effects, but if fillers are used, one can expect some swelling and redness.

We look forward to seeing you! Please call us at the office if you have any questions.

Prior to your hyperhidrosis appointment with Dr Carlini:

  1. Female patients should wear an old bra or tank top. The iodine used can stain clothing.
  2. Refrain from shaving prior to the treatment
  3. Discontinue topical therapies a few days prior (Drysol, Drionic)
  4. DO NOT wear antiperspirant on the day of the treatment
  5. Most third-party insurance companies cover the cost of the product. Patients should inquire with their own plan manager their individual coverage.
  6. Please bring your Third Party Insurance Plan or information to the visit. Also a credit card should be available.
  7. You will be charged an Injection Fee for this procedure.
  8. Bring juice or hard candy (in the rare case you feel faint before/during/after the procedure.

We look forward to meeting with you at your consultation!